How to Play 10-Pin Bowling – Part 1

10-pin bowling is played by millions of people the world over. For those new to the sport, here’s a guide on how it’s played. The game of 10-pin bowling comprises 10 rounds known as frames.

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How to Play 10-Pin Bowling – Part 2

With a right-handed player, the best time to relax the thumb is at a 10 o’clock position. In English, that means for the perfect hook, the player should move his hand in a 12 to 10 position when releasing the ball.

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10-pin bowling is played by millions of people the world over!


The game starts when the first player takes his first chance at bowling in the first frame.


If the player succeeds at knocking down all of the pins on his second attempt, it’s referred to as a spare.


This is a particular type of strike that sees a player score a strike by hitting all of the pins in the opposite pocket from where he bowled.

Granny style

For physically handicapped or extremely young players, they can hold the ball in both hands and swing it between their legs.

Backup style

Backup is another bowling style where bowlers offer a flick of the wrist either clockwise (for left-handed direction) or clockwise (for right-handed direction).


A bowling ball typically rolls vertically. If the finger and thumb holes are drilled where they should be, the ball hooks in perfect fashion.

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