Alternative Uses of the Bowling Ball

Sure, who doesn’t love bowling? Some people, in fact, love it so much that they’ve decided to invent new and novel ways of using the ball. These uses, from Hollywood to high art, may just inspire you to come up with something of your own.

Zombie slaying

Bowling has been seen in numerous movies and TV shows over the years, such as The Big Lebowski, and who can forget Fred and Barney’s bowling exploits in The Flintstones? Woody Harrelson and Bill Murry have teamed up for two classic movies featuring our favourite sport. One was Kingpin. The other was Zombieland. Harrelson’s Zombieland character asserted that rule no. 15 of taking on zombies needs a bowling ball (and one that preferable weighs 16lbs). He also recommends not using the pink one. So, for anyone who needs a place to hide in the apocalypse, find a ten-pin bowling alley.

Garden ornaments

Well, they’re not something that can be recycled. Imaginative bowlers have dreamed up new methods of cycling old bowling balls into garden ornaments. Simply buy some glue and start being creative by covering them in buttons, beads, shells, pennies, mosaic or mirror tiles. Or you could simply use spray paint to make them look like bumble bees or ladybirds. Even if you think they look stupid, your kids will love them. When you aren’t taking on zombies, you can at least have some fun with the ball, as well as the cafe, laser game, arcade, and pool.

Crime fighting

Similar to above, another way of defending yourself inspired by a movie. This time it’s Mystery Men from 1999 and which featured a character called The Bowler played by Janeane Garofolo. The Bowler gave her enemies a hard time thanks to a Perspex ball that contained her dead father’s skull. Of course, you don’t have to go quite as far as that but you get the idea.

Bowling Ball Billiards

Some bright person thought it would be a good idea to put together his two very favourite games, billiards and bowling, to come up with what looks very much like an enormous pool table albeit with bowling balls. Knokkers was invented in LA. Where else?

As Art

An artist by the name of Eung Ho Park experimented with 128 beautiful, bright bowling balls by stringing them up to form a Bowling Ball Curtain that measured 16 feet. It was later hung in an NYC school lobby, where students could be inspired by it. A stunning idea. Of course, while each of these ideas is clever and inspirational, there’s nothing that comes close to using a bowling ball than what it was made for: being rolled down the alley and smashing into those pins.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t dig down deep into your more creative self and dream up some fun and unusual ways of using the bowling ball in your downtime. Whether you choose to replicate one of the ideas or come up with something on your own, just remember to have fun with it.