Choosing The Right Footwear for Bowling Days

In every sport, there are particular kinds of shoes that you’ll have to wear. Bowling isn’t any different in this regard. If you’re thinking of getting your own bowling shoes, you shouldn’t worry about encountering any difficulties in picking the right ones. Wearing the best shoes when you’re bowling is essential and picking the right ones for you can be easy if you look for some of the following features.

Choosing The Right Footwear for Bowling Days
Choosing The Right Footwear for Bowling Days

Bowling shoes have soles that easily slide on the sides. They are there so that it doesn’t matter which hand you bowl with since the sliding soles are on both of the shoe’s sides. Regular shoes that you wear every day don’t have sliding soles. If you wear sneakers, it would be too sticky, and it’ll cause you to stop when you’re moving towards the foul line. Getting stuck puts you at a spot where you can get injured, and it will cause you to scuff the floor with your sneakers. With the scuffed floor and other debris that gets left behind when you get stuck, the bowlers who go after you have a chance of getting injured too. The sliding soles are part of bowling shoes for this reason.

The Type of Bowling Shoes

Rental Bowling Shoes

If you don’t go bowling as much as you would like to in a year, then you should be going for rental bowling shoes. If you’re thinking of bowling more than a handful of times within a year or you’re planning to join a bowling league, you’ll need to invest some money into a pair of bowling shoes of your own. When you’re at a bowling arena, you’ll have to spend about $4 whenever you rent a pair of bowling shoes. Therefore, if you go bowling seven times in a year, you will end up spending $28, which is more than enough for a pair of decent bowling shoes. If you do buy a pair for yourself, then you’ll have them whenever you go bowling. Even if you don’t use them much, you’ll still be saving on renting a pair whenever you go bowling in the years ahead.

Athletic Bowling Shoes

For the majority of beginner and experienced bowlers, athletic bowling shoes will fit their needs perfectly. They are like sneakers in the way that they look the same and fit like them. They will also have the usual sliding soles. These kinds of bowling shoes are perfect for those who go bowling often at a single bowling alley. The reason being that the approach won’t be changing any time soon. If you invest the money for athletic bowling shoes, you’ll have better control when you bowl, unlike with rental shoes where the fit and quality can vary

Performance Bowling Shoes

Performance bowling shoes are the kind of shoes you’ll want if you frequently go bowling or attend tournaments. They’re designed to fit various approaches since they can be customized. There are different soles between each foot, depending on which hand you use to bowl. The shoe for your dominant foot is the shoe for braking, while the other one is the shoe for sliding. The braking shoe helps your body stabilize by giving you extra traction. This type of shoes has soles that are easily switched out, which means you can match them for your playing style and the playing surface.