Guide to Cleaning Bowling Balls and Ensuring It Lasts

Bowling is a fun and enjoyable pastime to do. People go to malls and other places that have a bowling centre and equipment more often than before. Nowadays, most people know about this game all over the world. A few decades ago, bowling was more famous in Western countries, but now developing countries are also taking up this game. There is a bit of glamour associated with this game, or as some people call it, the sophisticated game. Like other sports, people can’t buy all the bowling equipment and start playing it by themselves in their homes. Most often than not, they have to visit a bowling centre to play this game and pay for it regularly.

The poor performance of your bowling ball

If you own a bowling ball yourself, you might be charged less at the bowling centre. People also become members of the bowling centres and get a monthly or yearly pass to fulfil their desire to bowl. When someone buys a new ball, he becomes delighted and excited. His ball also works better than most other balls because of the newness of the ball. But slowly, people start to whine about how their ball isn’t playing the same as it used to. It’s not about the newness or oldness of the ball; it’s about the maintenance. Most of the balls at bowling centres are quite old, but they still roll nicely on to the floor. Because the centre has a separate person taking care of the ball and cleaning them.

Bowling Ball
Bowling Ball

Effect of dirt and oil on the ball

A new bowling ball always reacts differently on the lane than an old ball. The difference is because of the dirt and oil stuck on the from the bowling lanes. The dust and grease can affect the performance of your ball severely. The cover stock of the ball is the most affected part of the ball by dirt and oil. The ball starts to grip poorly on the lanes once the dust and oils settle on the ball.

Cleaning up the ball after every shot

 You should look at the ball after every shot you take. You’ll find an oil ring on the ball, which later absorbs into the ball and affects its performance. This oil ring should be cleaned after every shot. A unique microfiber piece of clothing is available in the market for cleaning the bowling balls. You should wipe the dirt and oil off the ball with this towel. Put the towel on the oil ring, and spin the ball around. You should properly clean your ball after every bowling game to increase the longevity of the ball. Bowling ball cleaning sprays are available in the market to keep the ball shining.

Washing the ball

Other than these daily cleanings, you should also wash your ball every once in a while. Tape the holes of the bowling ball (with a waterproof tape) and put some soapy water on the surface of the ball. Then, put the ball in warm water for 15 minutes. Take out the ball and wipe it with the microfiber cloth. Maintaining your bowling ball takes some effort, but when you see the ball shining even after months, all the efforts seem worth it.