The Best Bowling Movies

Bowling has been a popular sport around the world for many years. But for some inexplicable reason, there are very few movies that are dedicated to bowling and combine this sport with a good story. But of course, there are exceptions to the rule as always. We looked around Hollywood’s film archives and found three movies that pay tribute to the game of bowling. Remarkably, our three best films about bowling are all weird films.

The Best Bowling Movies
The Best Bowling Movies

The Big Lebowski

Hardly any other film deserves the applauses as much as this masterpiece. The Cohen brothers are known for weird stories and their movies, but with The Big Lebowski, they have created a work that will last forever. In a large cast, Jeff Bridges found the role of his life in the part of “Dude”. It is not for nothing that the fans adore the film since the first day it has been released. The bon vivant and bowling fan Jeffrey Lebowski shuffles through his life without stress and experiences the wildest adventures, but he wants to be left alone in the first lines. At the side of such stars like Julianne Moore, Philip Seymour Hoffmann, John Goodman, John Turturro, and Sam Elliot, Jeff Bridges trumps like never before. At the same time, the bowling scenes are among the best parts of this movie. The crazy crime comedy was never a blockbuster, but anyone who has ever seen the film will always remember it. The Cohen brothers stylized the bowling alley as a place where all social boundaries are gone. The world is all right here; this is where the Dude and his friends meet.

Lars And The Woman

Ryan Gosling makes his big appearance in the small independent comedy Lars and The Woman. He plays the main character Lars Lindstrom, who has excellent problems getting to know women. The lonely man neglects contact with his family more and more until Bianca finally comes into his life. However, she is not a real woman but a doll. He introduces her to his family as his new girlfriend and his brother drag him to a doctor. To everyone’s amazement, the doctor suggests accepting the doll as Lars’ friend. Bowling only plays a subordinate role in this film, but the alley becomes the place where Lars opens up to a real woman.


Finally, we want to remind you about one more movie that was directed by a couple of brothers also. Kingpin was once the sequel to Jim Carrey’s hit movie Dumb & Dumber. Woody Harrelson plays a former bowling champion in it. Unfortunately, he has made some questionable decisions in the past that also resulted in the loss of his hand. Since then the guy has tried his luck with a rubber hand. When he met a young and talented player, he wanted to turn him into a professional and win a tournament with the prize money of one million dollars. The Farrelly Brothers’ weird comedy couldn’t follow up on the success of Dumb & Dumber, but it still guarantees a fun evening.

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