The Most Unique Bowling Alleys in The World

When you hear the term “bowling”, excitement lightens up the individual regardless of age. It’s a perfect hobby to a person trying to pass some time and a serious sport to somebody keen on trying to make it big in the game. A group of friends on their day out find it amusing creating memories at a bowling alley. Below, is a put together list of amazing alleys considered the best of the best.

The King of All Pins, Australia

The bowling alley in Australia, Kingpin is unbelievable when it comes to its construction. The design of the arena is a top notch. You can either imagine yourself enjoying the most celebrated game in its time, way back in the ’50s or choose one that is designed to radiate an era of luxurious and futuristic spaces. When you need to plan something big, an event to celebrate, they have got you covered. There is never a restriction with regards to the kind of class you come from or the type of group you are in. A fun-filled occasion awaits the bowling enthusiast.

The Double Alleys of The Whitehouse, Washington

When there is the need to relax, the President of the United States always swears by alternating between his extraordinarily decorated Bowling Alleys. There is the one in blue and red that reeks patriotism which can be used in case you decide to stay over at The White House. While unattainable for most, this alley is definitely one for the record.

The Charming All Star Lanes, London

Call it a restaurant or a bar, The All Star Lanes is still a charming bowling alley with its low lighting and crimson booths. The food is awe aspiring, making it worth every penny. The retro theme at the Bayswater venue, the old-school quality accentuated at The Brick Lane and the retro of the ’70s portrayed at the Holgate. It’s all in one, authentic, retro and old-school.

The Extraordinary under the Sea Experience at Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl, Tacoma

You must see it to believe this gorgeously planned under the sea styled alley with 16 lanes. Fishes hanging from the ceiling adds to the drama of the interiors. You wouldn’t feel elsewhere but under the sea when you bowl from inside of the bright room where the balls reel back to you from the insides of a crocodile, shark or even an octopus.

Brooklyn Bowl-A star Studded Affair, New York

A music hall that doubles up as a bowling alley, the Brooklyn Bowl has been called one of the most incredible places. The rock ‘n’ roll music venue, has an exquisite menu and has been able to host esteem bands like Elvis Costello and Guns N Roses. Now, who would want to miss a chance going bowling here!

The Rolling Mill Hill Pinewood Social, Nashville

Called a multi-activity hangout spot and spreading across 13,000 square feet, Pinewood Social is situated in the trolley barns of Rolling Mill Hill. The design is retro and minimalistic, and unlike other alleys which have low ceilings and neon lights, Pinewood Social is devoid of neon lights and low ceilings. The murals on printed cans found on the sides of the lanes are a must notice piece of work.