What is HyperBowling?

Anyone and everyone can have a good time playing HyperBowl. It may appear to be an easy game watching from the sidelines but as soon as you jump into the action, you’ll be hooked. You’ll have your game face on while aiming for the colourful targets to increase your pinball and preparing for the next and more challenging level.

A brand new take

HyperBowling represents a move away from a traditional bowling centre towards a more family-orientated centre. QubicaAMF released the game in June 2018. It’s a whole new take on the game, with numerous differences from the traditional version. The bumpers are the first noticeable and significant difference. Large bumpers are used to cover the gutters in order to prevent a gutter ball being thrown. This helps the more casual player that would ordinarily see their bowl rolling down the side. Flashing LED lights light up the bumpers. The sensors that are attached to the lights keep track of where the ball comes into contact with the bumpers that correspond with various point bonuses.

If you hit a green light, for example, you’re awarded an x5 point bonus. You only get a zero, however, should you hit the red light. The bumper system (HyperBump) is capable of withstanding high-impact collisions should it come into contact with the ball.

A game for beginners

The game is designed with the novice in mind. It’s video-game style features, along with its scoring system, provide a unique gaming experience. HyperBowling isn’t at all like traditional bowling, as the players are bidding to intentionally hit the bumpers. There are also multiple levels in the game with each player trying to advance, either competing against one another or working together. The game is intended to provide something different for family entertainment centres that are seeking an alternative to the traditional game.

The design of HyperBowling is very much like a video game with a number of distinct modes. The HyperBowl (classic) mode requires the player to aim for coloured bumper targets in order to score various multipliers and attain the highest number of points possible. There are multiple advancing levels in this mode.

Three more modes

HyperBowl Pro features the same mechanics as HyperBowl Classic, the difference being that there are more advanced shots and challenges. HyperSquad is a team game that sees the players attempting to claim territory on the bumpers by hitting in various locations. HyperActive features fast-changing targets, influenced by a television show, and with the players requiring both luck and skill.

By establishing an option that isn’t as challenging for the casual player, as well as providing an immersive gaming experience, HyperBowling is a good step towards a solution for the declining bowling industry, introducing more people to the concept of the game. While it may not be for the more competitive bowler, the future of bowling needs something like HyperBowling to expand the game’s popularity in general. It will be interesting to see just how popular HyperBowling becomes and how far it will spread throughout the U.S. and beyond.